Course Gallery

Friend Country Club is truly a diamond in the rough.  This 9 hole golf course built in 1967 is challenging but fair to players of all skill levels.  Each hole has multiple sets of tee’s to accommodate any level and skill of player and/or to change each hole to play differently to give you a truly 18 hole experience on a 9 hole layout.  The course has tree lined fairways, Green side and fairway bunkers and water hazards on 2 holes.  The golf course is manicured to perfection and everyone says has maybe the best greens in the state of Nebraska. Come to FCC and experience the beauty and fun of playing on one of the best 9 hole golf courses in the state.  You will not be disappointed.

Hole #1

This starting hole is a par 5 with a slight dogleg to the left.  At 520 yards this hole is not terribly long, but has a few challenges that can provide  great risk vs. reward decision making.  A good tee shot to the right side of a fairway that slopes away from the ideal 2nd shot position is a must if you want to take your shot at the green.  If you’re too far left off the tee you are blocked from making a good attempt at the green by large cottonwood trees.  If you are in position from the tee you must carry your second shot over water that protects the green on the front with the green approach all sloping to the water.  RISK vs. REWARD.

Hole #2

This hole is a par 4 with a slight dogleg to the right.  Playing 350 yards this is not an exceptionally long hole but has difficulties just waiting for you to make a mistake.  You must be accurate off the tee if you want a short approach shot into the green, but if you miss the fairway either left or right you will likely have to punch out of the trees for your second shot.  You can lay up off the tee leaving you a longer approach shot into the 2 tier green.  If you are not on the correct level of the green putting can be difficult.  The green is protected front left by a small bunker and 3 larger bunkers behind the green are waiting for that shot that is too deep.

Hole #3

This hole is a par 4 with a slight dogleg to the right.  This is a beautiful hole from the tee with an elevated tee box the fairway looks big and wide off the tee.  Don’t be fooled, a tee shot to the right will leave you with a difficult shot out of the trees.  A tee shot to the left makes your second shot into the green longer and if you go to far to the left off the tee you could potentially hit your tee shot out of bounds.  Finally a tee shot hit to long will take you through the fairway with no real look at this green protected on the front left by a bunker.  Once on the green look out if you are short or long as this green is very deep and a ball on the front of the green with the pin in the back is a long uphill put and the other way around is a very long downhiller that is tough to get close.  This is a great visual hole and a fantastic hole to play.

Hole #4

Hole 4 is a 150 yard par 3 unless you play from the back tee then it plays 175 yds.  This hole has a slightly elevated tee overlooking a water hazard in front of the green.  This green is surrounded by trees on the left and back left as well as trees front right of the green.  This is a reasonably easy tee shot unless you are intimated by water hazards.  The green is lower than the ground around it especially in the back of the green making any tee shot long a very difficult chip.  Sometimes even the easiest of holes can cause a problem, hole 4 is exactly that.  Do not take this hole lightly or in the blink of an eye you could accumulate a large number over par here.

Hole #5

The second par 5 on the course is a great hole.  This hole can play fairly easy from the front tee or much more difficult from the back.  The hole is straight away with a large bunker complex parallel to the fairway on the left side at a distance that is perfect for many players to hit into off the tee, making an attempt at the green on your second shot impossible.  if you happen to go right off the tee you will give yourself no shot of any length and will most likely be punching out to the fairway.  This scenario creates a problem because now potentially you have 175-200 yards to the green for your third.  If you hit a tee shot of 250 yards in the fairway you may have an opportunity to go for the green in 2, but don’t go long.  The green is smaller and more undulating than most and drops off at the back so going long is easy to do.  Great hole and opportunity for birdies.